The company produces a beam of electric household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc.). The production process is a multi, starts with the cut and crimp wires, production modules to be mounted bunched up on the table assembly.

Used technologies include:


Tyco Electronics – MHM/IHM – automatic assembly equipment for the production of IDC modules in parallel, stacked on the stroke of 5 and 2.5, with the possibility of polar bridge Interfaces, 100% electrically controlled

Stocko – WT120 – machinery for the manufacture of IDC modules on the stroke of 5, and parallel stacked, 100% electrically controlled

Komax 432 – automatic assembly equipment for the production of modules mixed IDC / Crimp 2.5


Ara – Komax – KMI – Inarca – automatic machines for cutting, cleaning, assembly (TSA), diversified machinery with the possibility of single and double links and the introduction of so-called automatic.


The process of assembly is done on rotary tables and stationary assembly.